Funding Fight Victory

Great success!

On Monday, February 29th, the Senate and Assembly passed the two-bill package that will provide over $400 million a year of extra funds for people with developmental disabilities and the people who serve and care for them. This is not yesterday’s news, though. This is tomorrow’s hope – hope for a stabilized and renewed system letting nearly 300,000 people with developmental disabilities live and thrive in the community.

These votes mark the end of a five-year fight by our community. The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), along with other members of the Lanterman Coalition, worked with stakeholders, the Administration, and the Legislature in crafting a compromise that received bipartisan support.

But the real power behind this was the tireless work of advocates like you. Every rally attended, every letter written, every phone call made, every Action Alert forwarded proved to our elected officials that we care deeply about this!

We have showed our legislators that, together, we have power and rights that demand respect. We #SpokeForJustice and they have #KeptThePromise.

Rest assured, we’ll let you know if there are any problems – but we don’t expect any! For now, sit down, raise a glass, and congratulate yourself and all of those who advocated for this. We’ve finally set our system back on track!

ARCA Press Release

Who voted for the MCO Funds?


While putting money into our system was unanimously supported, getting that money (the "MCO reform") was the real challenge. Please be sure to thank your representative if they voted for this key bill! A green arrow or green letter "Y" means they voted yes.

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