Report: On The Brink Of Collapse

ARCA has released its newest report, titled On The Brink Of Collapse, meant to provide policy-makers, advocates, and the citizens of California an understanding of the crisis engulfing our state’s developmental services system.

California’s community-based system for individuals with developmental disabilities was established as an alternative to institutional care and now supports more than 99% of individuals outside of state-run institutions through lifelong case management and planning services. The system relies on regional centers to perform intake, assessment, and service coordination and on community service providers to deliver individualized direct supports. Together, they work with each individual and his or her family to ensure that needs are being met and that progress towards independence is being made.

Long-term underfunding of the service system, however, has left both regional centers and service providers struggling to serve more people with fewer resources, which results in higher caseloads and less customization of service options. Today, caseload ratios are higher than in most other states and service rates are lower despite the higher cost of living and working in California. The result is a system that oftentimes is providing a service rather than the right service and is at-risk of losing significant federal funding.

ARCA hopes this report will increase your understanding of the fiscal challenges California’s developmental services system faces in fulfilling its promise to individuals and their families and the urgent need for both short and long-term Budget solutions to stabilize and advance the system. If questions arise regarding the enclosed report, please feel free to email us via this contact form.

The two prior reports, separately examining inadequate rates for service provision and underfunding of regional center operations, are also available.

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