Employer Q&A

What is California Includes?

California Includes is a central point of contact for employers to hire loyal, dependable employees with developmental disabilities.

What kind of support is available to help people on the job?

The amount, type, and duration of supports provided will vary based on the needs of the individual. These supports are funded through the regional center and other sources and are provided at no cost to the employer or the individual. Regional centers identify, fund, and monitor service providers who support people on the job. Employment supports may include specialized on-site training to assist the employee with a disability in learning and performing the job and adjusting to the work environment. These supports may also include transportation, assistive technology, specialized job training, individually tailored supervision, and follow-along support.

What are the benefits of these supports to employers?

  • No fee to employer
  • Employees’ abilities matched to job requirements
  • On-site job training by professionals
  • Additional training, as necessary
  • Follow-up services for the duration of employment

Are there tax incentives for hiring persons with disabilities?

Yes. Employers may be eligible for tax credits for hiring persons with disabilities or to help them cover the cost of accommodations to make the workplace accessible. For more information visit the following links:


What is the Ticket to Work and how is it a resource?

The Ticket to Work program allows employers who are registered “employment networks” and hire social security disability benefits recipients who have disabilities to receive up to $20,000 in funds. For more information visit the following links:


How Do I Hire?

For more information or to contact ARCA regarding the California Includes Initiative, please contact Eileen Richey at 916-446-7961.

Eileen Richey

Association of Regional Center Agencies
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