Employment Initiative

Mission for Employment Initiative

The mission of California Includes is to increase employment of persons with developmental disabilities.

To achieve our mission, California Includes:

  • Promotes the hiring of persons with developmental disabilities within businesses and industries
  • Provides a central point of contact for employers
  • Connects employers with potential employees
  • Collaborates with state and local level employment partners and service providers
  • Facilitates education and training to increase knowledge of employment resources
  • Provides a forum for the sharing of promising practices in employment, school-to-work transition, micro-enterprise, and self-employment


California Includes is the successor program to WE Include, a program started in 2008 by then First Lady of California, Maria Shriver, in collaboration with the Department of Developmental Services, the California Chamber of Commerce, and ARCA. California Includes continues the WE Include goals of providing California businesses with a central point of contact to obtain information on the benefits of hiring persons with developmental disabilities and to connect employers with a ready and reliable workforce.