Property Management

Examples of Properties Being Managed by NPOs

As agencies are beginning to own their own property, a number of organizations are starting to manage the properties themselves. In most cases, the NPO has an agreement with the service provider through the lease agreement. The following are the housing NPOs that are managing properties:

  • Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB) has recently received HUD certification to manage their Lincoln Oaks apartments and they will own and manage the properties acquired through the Bay Area Housing Plan;
  • West Bay Housing Corporation provides property management for 15 homes, including 13 Bay Area Housing Plan properties. They plan to develop in-house property management capacity with their Octavia Court project;
  • Bay Area Housing Corporation is managing the 31 Bay Area Housing Plan properties;
  • Access Home owns and manages 28 properties using a licensed contractor. They collect rents, provide re-certifications, and coordinate repairs; and,
  • California Housing Foundation manages 14 properties.