Scattered Site

Scattered Site Single-Family Homes: Separating Ownership from Services

Another way to increase the stock of housing for people with developmental disabilities and also retain equity and control of the housing is through the acquisition and rehabilitation or new construction of single-family homes by the housing NPO. The housing NPO owns the property and leases to a service provider of shared living opportunities. The service provider is chosen by the regional center. There are a number of different service delivery models from supported living services, family teaching model, and community care licensed homes.

California Housing Foundation

scattered housingCalifornia Housing Foundation (CHF) owns 14 homes scattered around the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino counties) that can comfortably accommodate as many as 53 consumers. Ten of the 14 homes were built from the ground up using designs by George Braddock. Homes are 3,100 square feet and built to withstand destructive behaviors. They have four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and two large living rooms on one acre lots. Every resident has a private bedroom. The residents either come from or deflected from a State Developmental Center. Two homes were donated and are side by side. They are two bedroom homes with two residents each. Two properties have been purchased and enovated by CHF and are home to nine total consumers from State Developmental Centers. CHF owns and manages the properties with a lease to the service provider.