Our Team

In response to the housing crisis for people with developmental disabilities, ARCA has formed a housing committee that reports to the ARCA Board of Directors. The committee works with regional centers to increase housing options for people with developmental disabilities who want to choose where they live and with whom they live with. Regional centers are addressing housing needs by developing an array of housing options for people with developmental disabilities. To this end, regional centers are working directly with local housing NPOs whose mission is to develop housing opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) has hired a housing consultant whose responsibilities include assisting regional centers to develop their housing non-profit organizations (NPO) and housing capacity; provide technical assistance to regional centers regarding housing; and develop housing program and funding strategies.

ARCA Housing Committee

The Housing Committee shall:

  • Be responsible for advancing the development of quality, affordable housing options throughout the State of California
  • Shall explore ways in which to find and develop housing resources
  • Shall seek and share funding opportunities for future housing projects
  • Shall identify and share resources and information
  • Shall provide technical assistance to regional centers
  • Shall recommend policies and legislation to ARCA supporting housing for persons with developmental disabilities

ARCA NPO Advisory Committee

It is the unique partnership between the regional center and the housing organization that enables the housing organizations to leverage federal, state, local, and other funding to create housing that is affordable for people with developmental disabilities and cost-effective for regional centers. Housing organization’s expertise in accessing funding, as well as developing a range of housing options, is invaluable to regional centers. The benefits to supporting housing organizations means people have options of where to live, families have the security to know that there are long term solutions to future living arrangements, and the system is investing in the future by paying for housing once, ultimately saving on expensive start-up funding when service providers go out of business. The housing organizations around the state provide valued input to the housing committee on a range of topics.