Non-Profit Housing Organizations (NPOs) working with regional centers have been successful in developing hundreds of units of housing for people with developmental disabilities. It is the unique partnership between the regional center and the housing organization that enables the housing organizations to leverage federal, state, local, and other funding to create housing that is affordable and cost effective for for the people served by the regional centers.

The following case studies are testimony to what partnership and teamwork can accomplish:

Gish Apartments – Set Asides

set aside housingHousing Choices Coalition (HCC), an NPO working with San Andreas Regional Center, has created more than 200 units that are set aside for people with developmental disabilities. The latest property, the Gish Apartments development by First Community Housing (FCH), has 13 of a total of 35 units set aside for people with developmental disabilities. Similarly, through early involvement of a housing organization and the regional center, set-asides can be a very effective solution. To read more download our Housing White Paper (PDF).

California Housing Foundation – Scattered Single-Site Family Homes

California Housing Foundation (CHF) owns 14 homes scattered around the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino counties) that can comfortably accommodate as many as 53 consumers. Ten of the 14 homes were built from the ground up using designs by George Braddock. Homes are 3,100 square feet and built to withstand destructive behaviors. They have four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and two large living rooms on one acre lots. Every resident has a private bedroom. The residents either come from or deflected from a State Developmental Center. Two homes were donated and are side by side. They are two bedroom homes with two residents each. Two properties have been purchased and renovated by CHF and are home to nine total consumers from State Developmental Centers. CHF owns and manages the properties with a lease to the service provider. To read more, download our Housing White Paper (PDF).

UCP Los Angeles and Ventura – New Construction (Non-Scattered Site) Project

United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties (UCP) based in Woodland Hills, California. UCP has developed 25 HUD funded properties, 12 of which are apartment buildings for persons with developmental disabilities in the greater Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas. The Burbank project includes 18 total units with four two bedroom apartments and 14 one bedroom apartments. Each unit is rent subsidized by HUD; project based Section 8. Tenants pay one-third of their adjusted income as rent. The properties are equipped with a number of accessibility features tailored to the needs of tenants. To read more, download our Housing White Paper (PDF).

Housing Consortium Of The East Bay Lincoln Oaks Project – New Construction Project

Lincoln Oaks Apartments, a HUD 811 project, was developed by Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB), the lead developer in partnership with Satellite Housing. Lincoln Oaks Apartments is an affordable, accessible apartment building for 11 households in Fremont. Residents are low-income adults with developmental disabilities living in a mix of one and two bedroom apartments. The apartments include a common area where neighbors can gather for social activities and tenant meetings, a computer room, laundry facilities, and two seating areas to visit with each other and entertain guests. There is an inside ramp between the first and second floors. The lobby features artwork by persons with developmental disabilities from Creative Growth Art Center. HCEB provides resident coordination. One of the accessibility features that was built into the project includes a ramp from the first to the second floor. This gives people the choice to walk to the second floor instead of taking the elevator. To read more, download our Housing White Paper (PDF).