Regional Centers – Map

In California twenty-one regional centers help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families plan, access, and coordinate services. Regional centers contract with nonprofit and for-profit organizations, known as service providers, to provide services to support individuals with developmental disabilities. Regional centers are private nonprofit organizations that arrange, fund, and monitor services provided by service provider organizations.

The twenty-one regional centers within the State of California provide a coordinated system for diagnosing individuals suspected of or having a developmental disability and helping people with these disabilities to make use of all essential public and private services to meet their special needs (medical and dental, educational, recreational, vocational, social, and emotional).

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Regional Map

North Bay Regional Center Alta California Regional Center Golden Gate Regional Center of the East Bay Valley Mountain Regional Center Central Valley San Andreas Tri-Counties Kern North Los Angeles Westside Regional San Gabriel/Pomona S. Central Los Angeles Eastern Los Angeles Orange County Inland Regional Far Northern Redwood Coast Alta California North Bay Golden Gate Regional Center of the East Bay Valley Mountain San Andreas Central Valley Kern Kern Tri-Counties Inland Regional Orange County San Diego Harbor Regional Center North Los Angeles San Gabriel/Pomona Harbor Regional Center Lanterman Regional Center