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The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) has an opening for Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer will be expected to perform general budgeting and accounting functions for the ARCA office; provide training and support to the Chief Administrators and Chief Financial Officers of the member regional centers; provide analyses of various data and information; analyze budget documents, regulations, and legislation for fiscal and administrative impact to regional centers; and prepare fiscal reports for use by the agency, ARCA Board of Directors, and the Department of Developmental Services.

It is preferred that applicants have a minimum of five years recent experience working in a California regional center as well as extensive knowledge of regional center operations and the provision of services to people with developmental disabilities.

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their resume to Sally Williams at

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  1. Provide technical assistance to the Chief Financial Officers of the member regional centers on an as-needed basis and attend their quarterly meetings.
  2. Perform analyses of the November Estimate (Governor’s Budget) and the May Revision for the regional centers, prepare reports for the ARCA Board of Directors, assist with formulating the agency’s Budget Position Statement, and attend budget hearings.
  3. Provide training, support and technical assistance to all regional centers in the areas of finance and administration. Provide advice and assistance to regional centers on the preparation of annual Sufficiency of Allocation Reports (SOAR), the preparation of monthly POS expenditure reports, and the completion of various surveys initiated by DDS.
  4. Attend legislative hearings as requested on budget and legislation affecting the regional center system. Prepare summary reports of information presented at the hearings.
  5. Monitor regional center expenditures, compare to budget allocations, and prepare monthly reports on the statewide data.
  6. Research legislation and policies. Analyze the fiscal and administrative impact of these policies on the regional centers.
  7. Maintain a thorough and current working knowledge of State DDS regulations pertinent to related accounting and budgeting functions. Update knowledge through readings, briefings, and training.
  8. Provide staff support for the Finance and the Contract Negotiations Committees, perform requested research and analyses, and provide general administrative support.
  9. Prepare position papers, bill amendments, and supportive documentation to proactively promote or oppose bills fiscally impacting the regional centers and their clients.
  10. Attend meetings of the ARCA Board of Directors, ARCA committees, DDS, and outside partners. Develop relationships with regional center directors and DDS staff.
  11. Act as a resource for regional center Directors and Board Members regarding fiscal matters, regulations and W&I Code.
  12. Perform major work in budget review and analysis: Review and analyze the State budget as it relates to DDS; forecast expenditures based on historical trends and anticipated changes; make projections concerning effects of program changes; analyze budget projections and budget deviations; prepare cost analyses, financial statements, summaries and reports; present findings and recommend appropriate budget changes; compile data and prepare periodic reports including SOAR summaries and monthly expenditure summary reports; prepare/present statistical reports to management and the Board of Directors monthly and/or as required.
  13. Conduct surveys of regional centers as requested by the ARCA Executive Director, ARCA committees, or DDS staff; analyze and summarize survey responses.
  14. Work in conjunction with the Executive Director to prepare the annual budget for the agency and monitor the budget throughout the year.
  15. Oversee the accounting functions of the agency; prepare general journal entries as needed, and compile accounting data for the monthly financial report to the ARCA Board of Directors.
  16. Perform cash management activities, invest excess funds; perform semi-monthly payroll tax deposits and monthly retirement and 401(k) deposits.
  17. Prepare and submit quarterly payroll tax returns and file annual corporate tax returns and statements.
  1. A minimum of five years experience working in a California regional center in a position equivalent to an administrator or chief financial officer is preferred.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in business administration or accounting.
  3. Knowledge of payroll taxes and non-profit corporate law.
  4. Knowledge and experience in the formulation and analysis of public policy in the government sector.
  5. Knowledge and experience in use of computerized accounting system; QuickBooks preferred.
  6. Ability to make management level decisions and communicate effectively.
  7. Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.
  8. Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  9. Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.
  10. Occasionally attend meetings after normal business hours and/or overnight in other cities.
  11. Comprehensive understanding of issues that have an effect on people with developmental disabilities.
  12. Full use of automobile, possession of a valid driver’s license and automobile liability insurance for the minimum amount prescribed by law, or the ability to provide for independent transportation. Must have and maintain safe driving record.
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