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Advocating on Behalf of Californians with Developmental Disabilities and the Community-Based Regional Center System

The Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) represents California’s network of 21 independent, non-profit regional centers that advocate on behalf of and coordinate services for California’s over 350,000 people with developmental disabilities. The mission of ARCA is to promote, support, and advance regional centers in achieving the intent and mandate of the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act in providing community-based services that enable individuals with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential and highest level of self-sufficiency. The Association functions as a leader and advocate in promoting the continuing entitlement of individuals with developmental disabilities to all services that enable full community inclusion. The Association also participates in the development of public legislative policy and serves as a focal point for communication, education, training, and prevention services.


ARCA is working with our member regional centers, as well as the Department of Developmental Services, to minimize disruptions in service and day-to-day life, while ensuring the health and safety of the community. Updates are provided via our mailing list. Those updates, and other relevant links, are also provided here. This space will be updated regularly.

Our first public webinar, on employment, is set for December 9th! Click here for more info!
We’ve launched a public news mailer. See the November 17th edition, and sign up here!
ARCA’s various infographics are all in one place.