Serving California

California’s developmental disabilities services system has over 350,000 people whose lives are supported and improved by the Lanterman Act, regional centers, and service providers. They are as diverse as our state.

Regional centers were created to be different, by design. They are locally-based, locally-controlled, and locally-responsive. That means regional centers, as community-based organizations, are well-positioned to respond to unique local needs. Some programs include:

  • Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center’s Promotora Project is a collaboration with Esperanza Community Housing. It helps families increase access to services in their community, increase advocacy skills, and improve their understanding of their child’s special needs.
  • North Bay Regional Center partnered with the Department of Developmental Services to develop “Relationships Decoded.” It includes educational materials to directly teach people with developmental disabilities about how to develop safe and meaningful relationships, while also giving them information about sexual abuse and coercion. 
  • San Diego Regional Center’s “Mission Moment” video shows the direct impact a unique collaboration had on housing security.
  • Inland Regional Center works with their community to understand local needs and goals through the “Community Project Priorities.” They use this information to prioritize new plans to meet changing needs.
  • Harbor Regional Center collaborates with Long Beach City College in “College 2 Career.” This innovative post-secondary education program connects the people they serve to the community college experience, with a goal of competitive employment after graduation.
  • Regional Center of Orange County has spearheaded a unique integrated housing model, using surplus state land. Called “Harbor Village,” this development provides a variety of residential and support options.

Every person served is unique. Together, their needs and circumstances paint a picture of our state’s needs, goals, and service trends.

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